Recording Studio Services

Vocal Recording

Recording studio in Cyprus - Vocals Recording

      Every voice sounds different and needs an individual approach to find the best sounding tone. We carefully choose the suitable microphone from Neumann, Lewitt, Blue (USA) etc. and test it through one of our high-end preamps (Universal Audio, Audient, Long), applying 1176 or RMS type compressor, if needed.

      One of the primary conditions of good vocal recording is the comfort of the singer. Our studio offers a wide choice of headphones (AKG, Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica, Extreme Isolation) for monitoring during recording. We create a separate mix for the singer with the comfortable balance and effect level.

Acoustic instruments recording

Recording studio in Cyprus - Acoustic Instruments

      There are various techniques to record acoustic instruments, depending on music genre and desirable sound. Our recording studio offers you a wide choice of methods (mono, stereo, multi-mic, MS, etc.) as well as multiple acoustic environments (booth, live room, hall) to fit your track.

Guitar Recording

Recording studio in Cyprus - Electric guitar gear

      For electric guitar recording, we are using a custom built valve amplifier, based on Soldano SLO-100 head with a custom-made 4x12 cabinet, equipped with Celestion and Eminence speakers. Usually, the sound is captured by four different microphones and then mixed together to get a desirable tone based on a balance between them with minimum or no EQ. In addition to this, we use various valves to get different guitar tones depending on music genre.

Our studio has a humble collection of electric and acoustic guitars, basses and even a Greek bouzouki, which clients can use if they'd like to.

Drums Recording

Recording studio in Cyprus - Drums

      We have a vintage Premier drum kit, carefully restored and kept tuned for your drum recording session. It showed its' versatility among the styles throughout different recording sessions. However, you are welcome to bring and set up your own kit for the recording. We use up to 16 microphones to record drums, which include classic AKG D112 for the bass drum, SHURE SM57 or Audix i5 for snare top and bottom, Sennheiser 609 for snare side, Sennheiser MD421 on toms. We also have custom Sub Kick microphone, Ribbon room mic, a wide selection of large diaphragm Neumann or Lewitt pairs for overheads or small diaphragm Rode. We usually use Blue Baby Bottle microphones to capture the room sound. All this goodness is being recorded through Universal audio and Audient preamps with warm analogue saturation.

Keyboards Recording

Recording studio in Cyprus - Keyboards and piano

      At the studio, we use full scale 88-keys hammer action MIDI keyboard together with hi-end samplers and virtual instruments. We record MIDI with full dynamics, and real piano feel to be able to edit and resample it during the mixing.

Sound Libraries

Recording studio in Cyprus - Sample Libraries

      If you need a custom sample or instrument to be used on your track, we can find it in our high-quality sound libraries and match your song. If you composed your track using stock MIDI instruments, here we can resample them with higher quality sounds.

Audio Editing, Quantisation, Auto-Tune

Recording studio in Cyprus - Auto tune and editing

      The difference between amateur and professional music production is in the details. We capture the best artist's performance with matching high-quality equipment, considering overall style and purpose of the recording. After we have everything recorded, we may need to edit the tracking to be tight in time and spot on to the pitch. Drum quantisation, vocal tuning and general editing is the inseparable part of modern pop and rock music production. We are not crazy about moving everything to the grid and making a lifeless auto-tuned vocals, but fixing small issues in best-performed take is a good improvement to the overall production.

Location Recording

Location audio recording in Cyprus

      If it is not possible to bring the music to the studio, the studio will come to you! Large-scale classical or jazz concerts, solo piano recital, choir performance or open-air festival - we can provide all necessary recording equipment and the personnel to do the recording on location and then mix it at the studio. If you need us to record your event or do the recording at your location, contact us to get the quote.

Mixing and Mastering

Cyprus Studio - mixing and mastering

      When it comes to mixing and mastering, the significant role is played by acoustic treatment and studio monitoring setup. Our control room frequency response is near to flat from 35 Hz up to 20 kHz, which gives an engineer a true sound image, allowing to take right decisions when mixing and mastering.

     Our recording studio is one of the few recording studios in Cyprus which uses an SSL mixing console for mixing, offering outstanding quality and using all benefits of analogue sound with a convenience of a digital world. We use analogue outboard equipment as well as digital DSP-based plug-ins. The advantage of using external plug-in processing for mixing is the overall processing power. We have in total 12 cores of outboard DSP, which allows us to use very advanced and "CPU-hungry" plug-ins for audio processing, improving the sound quality and vibe of your mix.

      Mastering is the final stage of record production process. It is a technical and creative process at the same time, which requires high engineering skills, suitable equipment, neutral sounding control room, and good competence in latest music trends and music distribution media technical requirements.

      We follow the changes of music distribution formats and their loudness and compression standards. For example, we provide different mastering versions for streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple music, Youtube), Digital download and CD, making your track sound as good as possible on any platform.

      Our studio is the only one in Cyprus authorised by Apple Inc to provide official "Mastered for iTunes" files.

      The vinyl is back, and it requires a special approach to mastering as well. We’ve got you covered here as well!