Our Recording Studio in Cyprus

Recording Studio

Recording studio in Cyprus - main

      Our recording studio covers all your music production needs. Whether you are a solo musician or a producer, a full-scale band or a classical string quartet - we can offer you a world-class recording, mixing and mastering experience.

      Great selection of outboard gear and microphones is here to match your requests for any flavour of sound, be it edgy heavy metal or soft and warm jazz and classical music.

      Our studio is located in a quiet rural area with lots of green, far from the city noise. The beautiful outdoors create an inspiring and creative atmosphere for the recording. It is easily accessed from the major cities of Cyprus ( Nicosia - 25 min, Limassol - 35 min, and Larnaca - 20 min ), as well as from Larnaca International airport (15 min).

Space and acoustic design

Frequency response of the Cyprus studio

      Professionally designed and acoustically treated control room, live room, and vocal booth make a full band recording possible with good sound isolation, preserving the live vibe via a 2-way real-time video communication between musicians.

      Vocal booth is made to be acoustically "dead" with no reflections or standing waves, which makes the voice and instrument recording extremely clean and close-sounding. The recorded material is versatile and fits any mix.

      The Live room has variable acoustics with moving panels, allowing to change the amount of "live" reflections in the recorded material. When the door to a live room is kept open, we can capture the natural 6m high rich hall sound with a permanently installed microphone to use it in the mix afterwards. No plugin or hardware can give this sense of space, which makes the sound of a relatively small room ten times bigger!

Mixing Console

Studio Monitors

     The heart of the studio is an SSL Matrix mixing desk, which blends the best of analogue and digital worlds together. Yes, we do analogue mixing! Total recall functionality lets us save the console snapshot and easily jump between the sessions, keeping the commercial workflow in a purely analogue environment.

     Alongside the console, we use SSL X-Rack EQ and Compressor modules, which are recallable as well.

Studio Monitors

Studio Monitors

      Main speakers system is a pair of ADAM S3A monitors combined with ADAM SUB12 Subwoofer. Near field monitors Yamaha HS5 give ultimate control of mid frequencies and precise balancing of the instruments in the mix. The system was further calibrated using Sonarworks Reference 4 software to provide flat frequency response, critical for mixing and mastering

Software and Hardware

Recording studio in Cyprus - equipment

      Our main software DAW is an industry standard Avid ProTools HD 10 and 12, although some additional production is made in Logic X. We use top quality Apogee and Universal Audio AD and DA conversion for recording and monitoring. Apart from our 8-core Apple Mac Pro computer, we use external digital processing based on high-quality Universal Audio Apollo 4 core DSP and additional 4-core Universal Audio Satellite DSP and 4-core PCIe UAD Card. It gives us an ultimate power of digital processing at highest quality level. Together with contemporary digital plug-ins, we use analogue gear such as Universal Audio, Lexicon, dbx, Aphex, Yamaha, SPL, etc.

Recording studio in Cyprus - Microphones

      We can record up to 32 channels of audio simultaneously, which is enough for most of the studio projects. For recording, we use Universal Audio Apollo Interface, FERROFISH A32 Converter, Universal Audio 4-710d Microphone Preamp equipped with 1176 style compressors, Audient ASP 800 Microphone Preamp, Apogee Rosetta AD 96kHz AD Converter, Long Stereo Channel Microphone Preamp with RMS Compressors (SSL Clone). Each room has a dedicated multichannel headphone amplifier to provide a comfortable mix to the musicians and singers while recording.

Large diaphraghm microphones

      Each sound source needs an individual approach to get the best out of it, that's why we are constantly enlarging studio microphones collection and experimenting with micing techniques. Our microphone locker is filled with Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Lewitt, Blue, Rode, MXL, Audix, and Shure microphones.

Studio B

Recording studio in Cyprus - Room B

     Auxilliary production room is a cost-efficient space if you are on a budget or when you don’t require all of the gear of the main control room. It is ideal for making a demo or arranging and writing a song, as it saves you money and allows for a more relaxed approach when it’s less critical.

      Most of the attended editing and take compilation is happening here. Studio B is equipped with a powerful Pro Tools workstation and a set of studio monitors, sufficient to perform all those tasks mentioned earlier.


Recording studio in Cyprus - Lounge

      Due to the location, our studio has a picturesque view, mountains and forests which you can enjoy in comfort of our lounge room. It is fitted with a fridge full of cold beverages and a coffeemaker for you coffee lovers. Catering and food delivery is also possible. The arrangement of the room with huge windows and beautiful scenery makes for a cosy place to relax between sessions, to have a meeting, or even rehearse. When a large scale live session is taking place, lounge area may be used as an additional live recording room.

Studio Equipment List:

Mixing Console:
SSL (Solid State Logic) MATRIX with up to 40 channels analogue mixdown

Computer, Monitoring, External DSP Processing:

  • Apple Mac Pro 8-core, 32 Gb Ram, SSD Drives
  • ADAM S3A Active Studio Monitors
  • ADAM SUB12 Subwoofer
  • Yamaha HS5 Active Speakers
  • Universal Audio Satellite Quad DSP Processor
  • Universal Audio PCIe Quad DSP Processor
  • Presonus Central Station Speaker Management System with Remote control
  • Presonus FaderPort Controller

  • Interface, Preamps, AD-DA:
  • FERROFISH A32 AD-DA Converter (32 channels)
  • Universal Audio Apollo Interface
  • Apogee Rosetta AD 96kHz AD Converter
  • Universal Audio 4-710d Microphone Preamp with 1176 style compressors
  • Audient ASP 800 Microphone Preamp
  • Long Stereo Channel Microphone Preamp with RMS Compressors (SSL Clone)

  • Analogue Signal Processing Gear:
  • SSL X-Rack
  • SSL Stereo Equalizer XR727
  • SSL Stereo Compressor XR728
  • SPL De-Esser
  • APHEX Dominator II Precision Multiband Limiter (Custom Mod)
  • Lexicon MPX-1 Multiple Processor FX
  • DBX 266 XL Compressor / Gate
  • T.C. Electronics G-Sharp Effect Processor
  • Yamaha SPX 90 Vintage Reverb/Effect Processor
  • Custom Built 2 channel Compressor
  • Symmetrix 501 Headphone Amplifier

  • Guitar Gear:
  • LINE6 POD Pro Guitar Effect Processor
  • Guitar Head OSTAP CUSTOM (Valve) Soldano SLO-100 Clone
  • 4x12 Custom built Guitar cabinet with Celestion and Eminence Speakers
  • Hughes and Kettner Red Box Pro
  • Lehle Signal splitter
  • Radial Reamp Box
  • Dunlop Original CryBaby Pedal
  • Various guitar effect pedals

  • Microphones:
  • Neumann TLM - 102
  • 2 x Lewitt 640 TS Dual Capsue
  • 2 x Blue "Baby Bottle" (U.S.A.)
  • Sennheiser MD 421
  • Sure SM 57
  • Sure SM 58
  • Audix i5
  • 3 x Sennheiser 604
  • Sennheiser 609
  • 2 x Rode NT5 Matched Pair
  • AKG D112
  • 2 x AKG C3000
  • MXL 603S
  • M-Audio Nova
  • MC4 Ribbon Mic
  • Custom Built Sub Kick Mic
  • Presonus Measurement Mic

  • DAW Software:
  • Pro Tools 10 HD
  • Pro Tools 12.5
  • Logic Audio 10

  • Plugins:
  • Universal Audio UAD DSP Based Plugins (12 Cores Total DSP POWER)
  • Waves 9.7
  • Sony Oxford
  • Slate Digital
  • ... and many more

  • M-Audio 88 Full Hammer Action MIDI Keyboard with Sustain Pedal
  • AKG K141 Headphones
  • Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro Headphones (individually calibrated)
  • Audio-Technica ATH 40 Headphones
  • Extreme Isolation Headphones
  • Furman Power Conditioner
  • Zoom H6 Field Recorder
  • All studio Cabling by Canare, Connectors by Neutrik and Amphenol
  • Pop Audio Pop Filter with 3 interchangeable Screens
  • Konig & Meyer Professional Microphone Stands