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Looking for a studio to record your music?

We are here to offer our skills, experience and equipment for you to fall in love with the sound of your own music!

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Our recording studio provides wide selection of music production services from simple  "karaoke" version to full scale composition arrangement with live musicians. The limit is only your imagination!

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We don't compromise our quality and we use only top notch studio equipment and microphones in combination with experience and professionalism of our team. Drums, guitars, acoustic and electric instruments, virtual samplers, and many more.

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Engineers and Producers

Our studio engineers and producers speak English, Greek and Russian, so you will be guided during the recording, no matter what language is your song written in and there will be no communication problems, when speaking about music and recording.

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If you miss a note or two - that's ok, we can easily fix it! We use modern vocal tuning technologies, so it will sound natural and spot on! Drums and other instruments can be edited as well.

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Your song will be professionally mixed and mastered according to current industry standards. We use top quality industry standard SSL Matrix analogue console in conjunction with a good amount of analogue gear and DSP for plugin processing.

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Our control room was acoustically designed to match the mastering house requirements of nearly flat frequency response, so we can truly understand the problems of the track and make our corrections. Our studio facility is the only one in Cyprus authorised to produce "Mastered for iTunes" by Apple. 

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Need to record your voice or instruments?

You have everything or almost everything recorded and you need a professional mixing?

You already mixed your track but you need a good mastering before releasing it?

You have a song but you need someone to make it from scratch to finished product?

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