Recording Studio in Cyprus

Recording Studio in Cyprus

TakeAwayStudio Cyprus is a local division of international TakeAwayStudio network, collaborating with other recording and music production studios around the world on local and international projects. Or recording studio offers a wide selection of music recording and music production services for a reasonable price.

Recording studio in Cyprus - Services

We are offering professional audio recording, mixing, mastering and music production services. Our studio welcomes you to collaborate on any size and complexity projects from simple voice over playback recording up to full music production of an album. We collaborate with many local and foreign musicians, composers and producers to provide you any service you need. As a part of the recording and production process we also do audio editing, resampling, orchestration and producer's guidance at any stage of the project, if needed.

Cyprus Recording Studio Location

Our recording studio is located in a peaceful countryside in the heart of Cyprus between Mosfiloti and Pyrga villages. Being in geographical center of the island it is easy accessed from Nicosia (25 min), Limassol (35 min), and Larnaca (20 min). Our address is: Pyrgon 66, Mosfiloti village. But for directions you better call us at 22 53 23 39. You have to book the time prior to your visit.

Book the recording studio in Cyprus

Need to record your voice or instruments?

You have everything or almost everything recorded and you need a professional mixing?

You already mixed your track but you need a good mastering before releasing it?

You have a song but you need someone to make it from scratch to finished product?

Recording studio in Cyprus - Slavic Selin - Producer

Slavic Selin is an internationally recognised music producer, songwriter and guitar player. In 2009 Slavic has moved to Cyprus, where at his own studio in the heart of the islands’ beautiful countryside he continues his work with international and local artists. Slavic's main credo is creativity and creation of original music rather than factory-style production of similar works. Slavic Selin pays a lot of attention to details in sound and music production, aiming for the best possible result every time.

Recording studio in Cyprus - Our Equipment

Our recording studio is designed and built according to the highest acoustical standards, using sophisticated acoustic treatment. The average frequency responce of a control room fits in +/- 5 db range in 43 Hz - 24 kHz, combined with even reverberation time throughout the frequency range, it is suitable for highest standard production, mixing and mastering tasks. We use high quality professional equipment and software at every stage of studio work.

Recording studio in Cyprus - Our Works

Recording Studio in Cyprus - Prices

We base our prices on 20€ per hour of studio time rate. It means the time we really work on your project. The fixed prices on our services are based on this value according to our experience. We are happy to offer you a nice discount if you want to work with us on big projects (for example an album). Contact us to get a quote!